First Aid Kit Perform a Sparse "Emmylou" for 'First Take'

Out of nowhere, Swedish sister-duo First Aid Kit released one of the year's best country-folk albums. The harmonies are strong, the lyrics are rich with passion and heartbreak, and it sounds like they studied the ins and outs of Americana for decades. But it turns out it's a rather new thing for them, a sound they discovered on their own. "Our parents were into new wave, and punk, like Patti Smith and Television," explains vocalist Johanna Söderberg in this First Take, Hive's performance series on emerging artists. And they didn't find too much Americana love with their peers, either. "We were our own little thing," Klara Söderberg says of the band's formative years in Sweden. Watch them do their latest single "Emmylou," a gorgeous, forlorn ballad about a girl just wanting a guy to sing a song with her and the excellent title track, "The Lion's Roar."