Future Disco's Sean Brosnan on His Favorite Discos

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

This summer, Future Disco -- the compilation series on producer Sean Brosnan’s label Needwant -- gave us a stellar disco and house soundtrack for the season with the release of Poolside Sounds. Reeling off their party-perfect mix, Hive asked UK curator Brosnan to walk us through his top five transatlantic disco fêtes from the past 40 years.

1. The Paradise Garage

I would have loved to have heard Larry Levan play. House music is, and always will be my first love, but it’s Larry Levan's edits that made me dig deeper for disco. The guy was some kind of genius to create edits that still sound good today, considering the technology was so basic at that point. He just seemed to understand club music: the echoes, FX, depth of the sound; the bass and his epic breakdowns.

2. Studio 54

I never went to Studio 54 but any club that has a white horse in it has to be something special. A recent quote from Nile Rogers inspired me to include it this list: He said something like, there was a time you took lines of cocaine while getting a blowjob and that, combined with a great soundtrack, was disco hedonism at its best.

3. Good Times

Norman Jay and the “Good Times” party have brought the spirit of disco to London. He's been a pioneer in the UK for a lot of soul and disco over the years.

4. Electric Chair

This was the Unabombers party that lived on in Manchester for many years and was the forerunner to the Electric Elephant festival that takes place in Croatia each year. It wasn't Disco, per se, but it had the same philosophy of disco music, and its roots were in the genre. It’s brought the best names in house and other offsprings of disco, such as Moodyman, Idjut Boys and Greg Wilson. I think disco parties aren't always about disco music but are more about the intention; this was all about inclusion.

5. Horse Meat Disco

“Horse Meat Disco” is the London based gay night that has gone on to be world renowned. I’ve only been once and it was in the very early days, midweek in Soho. Even then, right at the start, you could see it was something special. Lady Miss Kier from Deee-lite was playing, it was a really mixed crowd, and there was a stacked guy in high heels and football socks on the dancefloor. It was as strange as it sounds.

Check out Poolside Sounds here, and see what Future Disco's Tuesdays on the Sunset Terrace party looks like, below: