Aesop Rock Urges Discretion When Buying a Parrot

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Dear Aesop Rock, I'm thinking of getting a parrot. Is this a good idea?

"If your heart seeks a parrot, I say go for it. I personally would not ever want a parrot. They are nice to look at, but for me it is not the type of animal in which I could find the satisfaction I am looking for. My family had a small bird when we were young; a gray cockatiel named Maddie. Maddie was nice for a couple years, lived with the cage door open and pretty much had the run of the house with no major issues. Eventually over the years the novelty of owning a bird wore off, and Maddie slowly became a total fucking asshole, by no fault of her own. She was neglected and pissed, as anyone would be. We eventually got her into the hands of someone who cares for asshole birds, and that was the last I heard of her. So I'd say do your research, and know how long of an adventure you are in for, as well as what you could potentially be facing should the bird become ill or turn into an asshole. Research is key in owning any animal."