Riff Raff Plotting Albums With Harry Fraud and Dame Grease

[caption id="attachment_48318" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Riff Raff photo courtesy of Mad Decent"][/caption]

The one-man rap phenomenon and professional house-party expert that is Riff Raff announced his upcoming album release schedule yesterday, and Hive can reveal that it's packed with goodies. The first fruits of his dalliance with Diplo's Mad Decent label will emerge on August 8 when he drops what he described to Hive as, "a greatest hits mixtape" titled Birth of an Icon. Following that, the rapper said he'll finish the Neon Vibe album with Harry Fraud, and another album with Dame Grease called Hologram Panda before the end of 2012He added, "It's all building up for my big album with Diplo later on, which will be, like, January."

Chatting to Hive from his Hollywood condo, Riff Raff also told us that the success of his collaboration with Kitty Pryde, "Orion's Belt," has convinced him to work with the female rapper again. "I'm sure we'll have something else in the future," he said. "She's really easy to work with. I met her family; me and her dad drunk a few beers. I also met her boyfriend's family and they're cool. I don't have any problems working with her."

To whet the appetite for all his new music, Riff Raff will be hitting Philadelphia and New York City this weekend as part of Diplo's Mad Decent Block Party.

Stream his new track "Terror Wrist" below:


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