Glen Matlock Shares Sex Pistols Stories

Sex Pistols Glen Matlock

Glen Matlock has done pretty well for himself, despite being bounced from his highest-profile gig as the bassist for the Sex Pistols in favor of Sid Vicious back in 1977. He followed up the Pistols with stints in various punk bands, as well as becoming a respected session player with artists like Iggy Pop and the Damned -- plus, he’s the current bassist whenever the Sex Pistols take to the road for another reunion. Basically, he got all of the best stories that would come from being in the Sex Pistols, without the nasty heroin habit. In the latest episode of the Hivecast with Matt Pinfield, Matlock talked with the host about some of those stories -- including the social circle around the band’s namesake clothing store, SEX. “Siousxie Sioux ... Billy Idol, before Generation X, would come around. The guys from Siousxie’s band who hung around. When we first started playing, we didn’t have any fans. The only fans were the people who hung in the shop. The most forward-looking, outlandish people in London … and all of those people went on to do things. Not just people in bands -- fashion designers, Chrissy Hynde…”

Matlock opens up to Matt about how the Pistols’ first reunion came about from his perspective, and what was really going on in the famous photos of the band fighting with fans at their shows. Listen to the rest of the podcast to hear the full story. [Download & subscribe to the Hivecast via iTunes.]

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