Odd Future's Domo Genesis Eyeing EP With Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean Collaboration

Some things you could find in the Odd Future pop up store yesterday evening: Domo Genesis and Alchemist signing t-shirts, hoodies depicting a dolphin smoking weed, Donut-shaped wheels and Odd Future skateboards, “I <3 Miley Cyrus” tees, and Earl Sweatshirt, in the flesh, rolling a blunt. Gaining entrance to the shoebox-sized storefront during its final hours on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles, though, wasn’t as fun. You could have posted up well before the doors opened at 4:20 p.m., or endured a block-long wait beneath the afternoon sun. Either way, there was no escaping the 13-year-olds, decked out in OFWGKTA gear, policing the door with commands like, “No fucking photos, yo.” All of the commotion wasn’t just because the store was closing; it was in celebration of the release of OF member Domo Genesis and Beverly Hills producer Alchemist’s collaborative mixtape, No Idols.

“It’s an idea that we had for a while now and then we thought we’d do something to commemorate my album,” Domo Gensis told Hive about the store. Standing alongside a rack of t-shirts, Alchemist added, “We came up with the art ourselves. I made the [design for the graphic white tee] in my book and we just scanned it, instead of making it digitally. I like the whole ‘High’ line, you know. I smoke.” Alchemist also mentioned he has tentative plans to collaborate with another OF member. Putting his arm around Earl, he said, “I’ll probably end up doing more stuff with this guy.”

Earl Sweatshirt, who most recently appeared on Frank Ocean’s Def Jam debut Channel ORANGE, might also appear on a few tracks with Domo Genesis. “Me and Earl might try to put out an EP,” Domo told Hive. “We’re iffy about it but we have enough songs for it already. We all have a lot of loose tracks to do stuff with.”

But Domo has firm plans to release an EP with OF member Hodgy Beats. “We’re doing another MellowHigh EP and I don’t have a date for the release yet but it’s pretty much finished,” he said. “We’re going to put it online through Odd Future Records. Only OF will guest on it -- no one [from] outside. We haven’t done that in a while.” Domo also revealed he has something in the works with Frank Ocean. “I have a song called ‘Mind Games’ that isn’t complete and I’m going to get him on that and hopefully a lot more stuff. I’m the only person that doesn’t have him on stuff, so I got to fix that,” he said.

Domo also revealed that OFWGKTA’s Tyler, the Creator -- who designed most of the merchandise in the pop up store -- will be debuting a new sound on his forthcoming, currently-untitled album. “A lot of people are going to be overwhelmed because it’s so different,” Domo said. “It’s more music, instead of just rap. He focused on a lot of chords and it’s a lot more soft and beautiful than you’d think. He did all of the beats and he has live ones. He’s doing a lot of great stuff. Independently, we define ourselves with different sounds, but, together, we have one sound as Odd Future.”

Stream No Idols below and check out the photo gallery of scenes from the Odd Future pop-up store.

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