Five Great Rock Bands From Atlanta You Need to Hear

Atlanta’s Royal Thunder. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Intrepid, adventurous Hive reader that you are, you probably already know about Atlanta’s biggest rock ’n’ roll exports. We don’t need to tell you about Mastodon, Deerhunter, Black Lips, et al. But the ATL’s rock scene runs deeper than its most notable musical residents. Dig into the Georgia capital’s dive bars, house parties and off-the-beaten-path venues, and you’ll find a thriving, rowdy rock ’n’ roll underground — these five bands are leading it.

1. Royal Thunder

This female-fronted foursome makes riff-driven, Zeppelin-meets-stoner-rock, with all the pomp and circumstance (and occasional nine-minute jams) that come with that mutation. Their 2009 self-titled EP caught the attention of metal institution Relapse Records, who re-released it in 2010, and then released the band’s debut full-length, CVI, this past May. The band will hit the road with Pallbearer and Samothrace in September.

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