B. Dolan and Sage Francis Open Hip Hop's Doors at Webster Hall

The moment B. Dolan introduced us to Katya, a drag queen who happens to be the host of his 2nd Annual Church of Love and Ruin Tour, we became infinitely curious about how the show would unfold. After recent expositions in Portland, Boston and Providence, this traveling carnival brigade of 40+ performers -- which includes a crust-punk marching band and lip-syncing queens, for good measure, -- finally made its way to NYC's Webster Hall last night, and Hive photographer Rebecca Smeyne was there to document the event. Between Grand Buffet performing "My Cream Cheese Money" with a clay beauty mask on and co-headliner Sage Francis rhyming about HIV-positive kids in South Africa, the crowd of fans, some of whom has traveled from as far as Detroit and San Francisco, enjoyed a range of emotions from a lineup described by Dolan as "typically locked out of the hip-hop community." Judging by Smeyne's photos, the show seemed inclusive, powerful, utterly strange and absolutely like no other rap show ever created. Witness below: