Sleigh Bells Want to Make a Sleigh Bells Hot Sauce

[caption id="attachment_47624" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Sleigh Bells arrive at the mtvU Woodie Awards March 2011. Photo: Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images"][/caption]

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Dear Sleigh Bells,

I want to get my boyfriend something special for our anniversary but he seems to only be into beef jerky and video games. Any suggestions?

You could get him a beef jerky kit so he could make his own and lots of hot sauces to flavor them. [Sleigh Bells guitarist] Derek wants to make a Sleigh Bells hot sauce. Derek's not big into video games, but that's pretty much all he eats: hot sauce and beef jerky. Literally, we can just pour hot sauce into his mouth.

- Alexis Krauss, Sleigh Bells