Snoop Dogg Antics: Going Beyond the Reggae Album

[caption id="attachment_47211" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Buddying reggae artist Snoop Dogg attends the "Mac & Devin" DVD Preview in Los Angeles, June 2012. Photo: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic"][/caption]

Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings

Yesterday, the rapper Snoop Dogg announced he was temporarily changing his name to Snoop Lion in order to release a reggae album. This, of course, is a terrible idea -- rappers turning their hand to reggae songs is a formula that always sucks, and the first song from Mr. Lion's detour, "La La La," is excruciating stuff. But Snoop's reggae transformation is far from the most ridiculous thing he's ever done. Here's five of a long list of the Doggfather's crimes against good taste.

1. The Snoop Dogg Velvet House Shoes

Combining a 100% velvet upper with an exclusively cotton insole and embellished with a Snoop Dogg silhouette at the heel, the Snoop Dogg velvet house slipper is a must for all those who embrace the luxurious lounge-wear look. To complete the package, each pair is housed in a velvet tote bag. You've probably already ordered yours by now.

2. Fighting An Emu Puppet

Back in the early-'90s when there was a whole heap of menace about Snoop's persona, he visited the UK and appeared on late-night youth culture TV show The Word with, er, oddball English puppeteer Rod Hull and his stooge Emu. Blows were soon traded.

3. GPS Voice

Because he hates riding in the car and hearing "boring ass ladies" on his GPS system, Snoop has lent his trademark growl to Celebrity Voice GPS Skins. It's up to you to understand him when he directs you to "in four mizzles, take the a sharp tizzle."

4. Offering Expert Advice on The Price Is Right

Hip-Hop Squares may be the current rapper-related game show of choice, but long before that Snoop was blazing trails as a celebrity helper on The Price Is Right. If you were wondering, economical Snoop considers six bucks to be a very fair price for a box of bird-seed although he'd never go above two dollars for a bottle of ranch dressing.

5. Wearing the World's Cheesiest Christmas Sweater

The details: A grey-diamond medium-knit sweater over-laid with the image of a snowman wearing a gold chain and smoking a pipe with hearts coming out of it. The look: festive yet edgy; homely but with an urbanized charm. Of course, it pairs awesomely with the Snoop Dogg Velvet House Shoes.