Danny Brown is Mulling Over a Collaboration With the Weeknd

[caption id="attachment_46701" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Danny Brown plays Pitchfork Festival 2012. Photo: Christopher Kitahara for MTV Hive"][/caption]

Off the heels of his joint single with AraabMuzik, “Molly Ringwald,” Danny Brown told Hive that he's in conversations with other artists for future projects. The Detroit Rapper -- who’s working on the follow up to his 2011 standout XXX -- says a collaboration might be in the works with the Weeknd. “We’re talking about doing something, maybe for the new album,” he said at Pitchfork Music Festival last weekend. “We started talking on Twitter and texting each other.”

Don’t expect to see any guest spots from Frank Ocean though; while Brown bought his recently-released Channel Orange, he doesn’t exactly count himself as a fan. “You can’t be a fan of Frank Ocean and the Weeknd,” he said. “I feel like it’s a Pepsi or Coke thing: You gotta pick one, and I’m more of a Weeknd guy.”

For more Danny Brown, watch the latest episode of Weird Vibes, where he takes us on a quick tour of Barcelona. Stream "Molly Ringwald" below: