Stream Pony Boy's Excellent Crime-Spree-Inspired Song "The Murder Ballad of Carrie Lee"

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Cross-country crime-sprees typically get a bad rap, but you might change your mind after listening to Pony Boy's gorgeous new song, "The Murder Ballad of Carrie Lee." The track is the b-side to her forthcoming single "Not in This Town," and Pony Boy's Marchelle Bradanini says that it's essentially an up-tempo rocker sung from the perspective of a '50s gal who fall under the sway of a bad boy, loosely inspired by the 1958 Starkweather-Fugate murder spree. "[Caril Ann Fugate's] story felt like an allegorical tale of American alienation, blind love, the desire for notoriety and tragedy," Bradanini tells Hive. "There’s a brokenness in these characters, yet a primal desire for love and belonging that I think I’m drawn to in most of my songs, skinned-up knees and all. How do we cope with loneliness, love, and love lost? That’s where the good stuff lies." We agree.

"Not in This Town"/"The Murder Ballad of Carrie Lee" is available on July 31 at your favorite digital retailer. Stream "Murder Ballad" below: