Jack White Gets Fondled in Jail in "Freedom at 21" Video

In the new video for "Freedom at 21" Jack White channels Prince, lets his female costars fondle him, and peels out in a vintage green sports car. It's a side to White that you've never seen before. The clip was directed by Hype Williams (Jay-Z, Coldplay, Nicki Minaj), and features a loose narrative about a policewoman chasing White (the perpetrator) on a motorcycle. She catches him, roughs him up and throws him in jail (one with a surprisingly lax clothing policy) where he meets some seductive cellmates. It's the sort of broad, solo-artist move that a guy like White can only pull off tongue-in-cheek, but it's so ridiculous and fun, it works.

White's new solo album Blunderbuss is out now via Third Man.