Dan Deacon Gets Thumbs Up at Hudson River Park

Baltimore electronic artist Dan Deacon has built a solid reputation over the years as being one of the premiere shows to attend if you're looking for a massive amount of energy from just one dude. Seriously, any band that's happy to stand around and play their instruments should take note from Deacon. Anyways, we digress. Deacon's gearing up for the release of America, his latest album and first for Domino. He joined John Maus last night for a warm-up gig at New York's Hudson River Park. Hive photographer Loren Wohl was there to capture some pretty stunning shots, but you'll also notice a peculiar crowd reaction to an audience member. "In one of the photos everyone is pointing a guy in a white shirt," Wohl says. "Dan Deacon asked the crowd to get on their knees, and cover the guy who didn't feel like kneeling with their thumb. Dan also said he respected his choice to stand because he didn't expect everyone to kneel." Our theory: Deacon's devised the ultimate way to get a thumbs up.