Five Comic Inspired Rap Videos

Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings

Comic-Con International kicks off today in San Diego and the annual event will see a large and colorful gathering of mega-nerds celebrating their love of super-hero-filled fantasy worlds. But as we know, rappers are known to embrace their super-hero geeky side. Here's further proof in these five Comic-Con certified hip-hop flicks.

1. Ghostface Killah, "Daytona 500"

Inspired by the song's title, the flick for Ghost's "Daytona 500" nabs footage from the '60's cartoon Speed Racer. Bizarrely, the animated scenes pair brilliantly with Ghost's high octane raps.

2. Madvillain, "All Caps"

With MF Doom's persona based on the masked super-villain Doctor Doom, a comic book-styled video was a shoe-in. Here, the smart visuals for his team-up with Madlib for their Madvillain project even weaves in fake advertisements as the panels and pages flip!

3. Jeru the Damaja, "Can't Stop The Prophet"

For this righteous blast of mid-'90's rap, Gang Starr affiliate Jeru renamed himself as a super-prophet who "runs through the ghetto battling my arch nemesis Mr. Ignorance." The accompanying super-hero-themed video keeps fighting the good fight.

4. Jean Grae, "Cake or Death"

Confirmed comic book geek Jean Grae's next album, "Cake or Death," will be influenced by her love of Marvel characters and plot lines. This teaser trailer features Ms. Grae illustrated by Mike Hawthorne.

5. The Last Emperor, "Secret Wars"

Titled after a Marvel release, Last Emperor's "Secret Wars" nerds out and pitches rappers against comic book characters, complete with Lauryn Hill facing off against Storm. There's no accompanying animated video (boo!) but the lyrics are total rap and comic book fantasy.