Band of Horses Gallop Through the Woods in "Knock Knock" Video, Announce New Album

After a few years off, South Carolina rock band Band of Horses are back, and they've just released a dizzying video that travels over the hills and through the woods for their new official single "Knock Knock." Filmed in stop-motion by the group's art director Christopher Wilson, it follows a herky-jerky path through rocks and trees, pausing at one point to draw a door on a rock (you know, to give the video a door to knock on), but it keeps with the pace of the song, never stopping too long.

It's a grand way for vocalist Ben Bridwell and his bandmates to announce the September release of their fourth album, Mirage Rock, which boasts a washed-out Instagram-like cover photo of a giant rock with an ocean backdrop that fits perfectly with the video. For the album, they worked with 70-year-old producer Glyn Johns, whose credits include the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Stones or, as Band of Horses put it in their album announcement, "a few bands you may have heard of." Considering "Knock Knock" is so full of hooks, from a catchy drumbeat to escalating ringing guitars, and the laidback, jammy vibe of the other Mirage Rock song they released a clip of, "Dumpster World," it sounds like Johns helped the band home in on what makes them special.

Mirage Rock arrives September 18 on Brown/Columbia.