Tame Impala Share Their "Apocalypse Dreams"

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About halfway through "Apocalypse Dreams," the new single from Australian psych-pop astronauts Tame Impala, frontman Kevin Parker asks, "Does it really matter?" Somewhere between the swelling keyboards, swirling guitars and despondent tone in his voice, that line projects a cool, floating vibe that harkens back to kaleidoscope-eyed '60s groups like the Zombies as much as '80s shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine, in a way that a group like MGMT just hasn't quite stumbled upon yet. If this is what end times will sound like, the Mayans have predicted 2012 to be a very serene year.

The song comes from the group's forthcoming sophomore LP, Lonerism, and Parker recorded most of this album solo, just like when he made 2010's Innerspeaker. If "Apocalypse Dreams" is any indication of what the rest of the album has to offer, Lonerism might reach some glorious outer limits.

Tame Impala's Lonerism comes out in October via Modular. Stream/download "Apocalypse Dreams" below: