Lemonade's Five Favorite Mixes for Summer

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Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Electro-pop outfit Lemonade’s frontman Callan Clendenin has spent a lot of time soaking in New Age sounds. “When I was a kid, my dad put a hot tub in my mom’s s art studio after she left, and we had a stereo in there and a stack of New Age CDs. I’d grab a ton of them and sit and listen to them,” he told Hive. The meditative dance music was a main source of inspiration for the three-piece’s sophomore album Diver, which has a balmy day feel with its lazy BPMs and sparkling production. Speaking to us from his Crown Heights, Brooklyn apartment, Clendenin offered five summery mixes fit for the hot tub and beyond.

1. Eats Everything Podcast for Resident Advisor

[Bassist] Ben [Steidel] really likes it because it’s very similar to the type of DJ set he would play. It’s a lot of really awesome house and UK funky stuff mixed in. This is a party mix that has hard drive deep inside and a really awesome rock attack. It has R&B touches and it has garage touches. I would put this on if we couldn’t DJ ourselves. You could play this to a very large room of people. It’s not an intimate mix; it’s more of a big one. [Download here.]

2. El Rave Azteca

I found this mix on Ghetto Bassquake, which is a site that a couple friends of ours contribute to, and it’s a Central Mexico tribal, house mix that sounds precolonial. There’s flutes and Aztec chanting and it really works for sweltering hot summer. The beat is so insistent the way it swings and keeps coming at you; it’d be good for a really rowdy party. [Download here.]

3. Lemonade Podcast for XLR8R

I would be hesitant to use our own but it is a truly summery mix. It’s got a sunset-at-Ibiza vibe. It’s almost New Age, with elements of techno, house, and R&B. A lot of our influences are in this mix so it might help people contextualize Diver a bit. There’s a System song on the beginning of the mix and the sound of that era of R&B was definitely an influence for me production-wise when we were making the record. [Download here.]

4. New Visions by Dream Chimney

Dream Chimney writes that it’s “a mix in honor of the VH1 series 'New Visions' that aired 1986–1993,” and it’s all late ‘80s synths and Tangerine Dream kind of stuff. The band likes to listen to it when we have long drives and I like to listen to it on the train when I commute to the studio. There’s lots of New Age mixes, and some of them are jazzy, but this is mostly just synths and it’s really awesome. It’s peaceful and, musically, there can be challenging and interesting arrangements. [Download here.]

5. Raime mix for FACT

This is a totally different direction but it’s a really awesome 1994, 1995 jungle mix. It’s all extremely dark and I think this sound is in the musical landscape, in production, right now in different ways. It has a really scary minimal drum machine but it doesn’t feel purposefully spooky or Halloween-y at all; it feels dark and cold. You’re either listening to it by yourself at night, or you’re driving alone through the woods to it. [Download here.]

Lemonade's new album Diver is out now on True Panther Sounds. Watch the video for "Softkiss" here: