D'Angelo Returns to Television, Performs New Song

"This one is definitely gonna be soul, funk, rock -- if there’s such a thing," revealed D'Angelo producer Russell Elevado earlier this year when Hive asked him about the direction of the elusive singer's much-anticipated untitled new album project. During last night's performance at the BET Awards, D'Angelo backed up these claims by airing out a slinky new song that soon erupted into a funked-up jam session. Based on the lyrics, we'd like to think D'Angelo's new track will be titled "Sugar Daddy," although as Elevado told us, like most of the songs from the album it's "untitled at the moment."

Still, an untitled, new D'Angelo song is still something to rejoice over. We're guessing this comes from one of the 50 D'Angelo has recorded for the record -- a number that will be whittled down to just 12, according to Elevado. And while Q-Tip and ?uestlove have been involved in the recording of the new album, last night's rendition was all about D'Angelo's own stage presence, with the singer appearing in buoyant spirits.