Charli XCX Breaks Down Five Films Sampled on 'Heartbreaks and Earthquakes'

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Charli XCX’s latest release is her Heartbreaks and Earthquakes mixtape and the noir-pop singer makes a dramatic statement using high-stakes samples from teen movies to announce each section of songs.There are more theatrics and mood swings here than on any of her previous work -- and not just because Heartbreaks is her longest effort to date. Hive phoned the London artist while she was visiting her parents’ Hertfordshire home, and Charli explained the significance of each sample she chose for the mixtape.

1. Beyond the Black Rainbow

My boyfriend showed me the trailer to the film and it’s amazing. It seems to be this crazy, psychological thriller and it looks amazingly shot. The voice is super creepy and super weird and I love the intro so I had to use it.

2. The Craft

It’s one of my favorites ever. I saw it when I was in Sweden a couple years ago. I think the one who goes crazy [Fairuza Balk] is an amazing actress and she’s especially good in that film. I love all kinds of high school, teen films like Jawbreaker where Rose McGowan puts the girl in the trunk and then she dies. I love that whole divide between the sugar-sweet high school films blended with this darkness. I think at one point every girl wanted to have a power and be a witch, whether a good witch or a bad witch.

3. Kill Bill

Kill Bill is an amazing revenge film. I wanted to use a clip that had a revenge theme because the mixtape for me was all about, the first track, is about being super into this guy and the next one is saying “don’t hurt me” and the one after is saying “you did hurt me, I’m going to get revenge.” I think that Kill Bill is such an amazing revenge movie. It has samurai swords, Lucy Liu, Uma Thurman. It’s so dope. Quentin Tarantino is an amazing director. I love all of the anime sections in them as well because I do love anime.

4. Cruel Intentions

Again, this is a classic teen movie but what I really liked most about the movie is that Reese Witherspoon was pregnant with Ryan Phillipe’s child while they were filming and he was saying all of this horrible, horrible stuff to her, saying things like “You mean nothing to me.” I also love Selma Blair even though she’s not in that scene. I love the whole teen culture around these kinds of classic teen movies: Heathers, Jawbreaker, The Virgin Suicides. If Gossip Girl got more serious and had better actresses in it, it could be like Cruel Intentions.

5. American Beauty

The characters are really interesting in this film and I love Mena [Suvari] and the daughter [Thora Birch] and the idea that at the end the one who is considered the freaky, not-as-stereotypically good looking girl is actually the cool girl and the one I fell in love with by the end of the film. I thought she was the badass. I feel like girls with freaky style are way cooler than the prom queens.

Charli XCX is currently prepping her debut album. Stream Heartbreaks and Earthquakes below: