The Flaming Lips’ O Music Awards Route Has a Rich Musical History

Photos: Getty Images

The Flaming Lips will attempt to set the world record for most concerts in different cities in 24 hours, playing eight sets in eight cities in the U.S. South, beginning tomorrow at 7:30 PM  ET (watch it live at the O Music Awards site). Each of the cities they’re playing has at least a bit of musical history attached to it.

The Lips’ tour begins in Memphis, Tenn., at Handy Park Pavilion. That’s an auspicious name for an attempt to make musical history: the “Handy” is for W.C. Handy, the Memphis-born trumpeter who’s known as the “Father of the Blues.” It was a century ago, in 1912, that Handy published the sheet music for his composition “Memphis Blues” –one of the very earliest blues songs to be published. Here’s a 1914 recording of it by the Victor Military Band.

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