Smoke DZA Owns Over 300 Rugby Ralph Lauren Shirts

Photo: Steve Brown

“I will have Ralph Lauren call me the Kushed God!” Smoke DZA promises as he exhales a gigantic gust of weed smog and laughs. The Harlem mainstay’s foppish obsession with RL rugby shirts inspired part of the title to his new album, Rugby Thompson, but he also dreams of a day when Lauren becomes a mutual admirer. There’s no mention of smoke in that album title, for good reason. DZA’s album was top-to-toe produced by Harry Fraud, and is DZA’s move away from the limiting “just another weed rapper” tag. DZAs tells stories on Rugby Thompson — like when he weaves a yarn about local faces who never fulfill their potential on “Playground Legend” — but he still swears allegiance to the Smoker’s Club collective. Hive pestered DZA while he constructed his next blunt and got him to open up about watching fellow Harlemite A$AP Rocky’s come up, the infamous clothing-infatuated Lo Life gang, and his idolization of Hulk Hogan.

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