Viceroy's "Chase Us Around" is Perfect Poolside Music

San Francisco-based producer Viceroy made a huge splash into the dance scene this year with a string of Hype Machine-friendly hits, and it's easy to see why. His music is primarily nu-disco with elements of pop and house at play -- the perfect poolside cabana soundtrack. “Summertime is not just the season, it’s a mood, a feeling, a lifestyle and a style of music,” Viceroy says. “I try to make feel-good dance music that you can appreciate anytime of the year.” Suckers for calypso melodies, gooey bass-line synths and mid-tempo four-on-the-floor percussion will be satisfied with his latest track, “Chase Us Around” featuring Madi Diaz, his first original mix with a featured vocalist. “I think allowing Madi to write the lyrics and keeping my opinions out of it makes for a more creative track,” Viceroy says of the recording process. "I focused on my strength and I let Madi do what she does best." Whatever the recipe, Madi's innocuously sweet vocals add the perfect sun-kissed touch to one of the catchiest songs of the summer. Stream it below:

"Chase Us Around" will be available on iTunes and Beatport July 2nd. Keep up with Viceroy via his SoundCloudFacebook and Twitter pages for more summer fun all year round.