Charli XCX's Debut Album Will Blend "Midnight Beats and Amazing Melodies"

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British goth-pop musician Charli XCX’s debut album is still months away from release, but the rising London singer says she’s already thinking about a follow up. “I feel like I’m in a real creative place at the moment,” she told Hive late last week. “I want to write a lot and I have a lot of creative ideas for the second album already. I don’t know if I want to make a Belinda Carlisle-meets-Björk ballad record or a Trent Reznor hip hop record or another pop album, [but] I definitely want to start the second one now.”

More importantly though, she revealed a little about the sound of her currently-untitled debut LP. “My single at the moment, “You’re the One,” is a really accurate representation of what the record is like as a whole,” she said. “That song is divided into a dark, midnight sounding bass and heavenly, rapture of gold glitter. My record is a blend of both with midnight beats and amazing melodies.”

While there won’t be any guest spots on the album, Charli’s recently-released mixtape Heartbreaks and Earthquakes features Odd Future’s Mike G., Blood Orange, and (in spirit) Drake and Jai Paul. “The mixtape was me living out my dream of being able to collaborate with people like Drake,” she said. “There are so many people I would love to collaborate with but, at the minute, I just want it to be Charli XCX.”

Currently, there's no set U.S. release date for Charli's debut album, but U.K. fans can expect it this fall. For more Charli XCX, check out her performance for Hive's In My Room series here and stream Heartbreaks and Earthquakes below: