Charli XCX’s Debut Album Will Blend “Midnight Beats and Amazing Melodies”

Photo courtesy of IAMSOUND Records

British goth-pop musician Charli XCX’s debut album is still months away from release, but the rising London singer says she’s already thinking about a follow up. “I feel like I’m in a real creative place at the moment,” she told Hive late last week. “I want to write a lot and I have a lot of creative ideas for the second album already. I don’t know if I want to make a Belinda Carlisle-meets-Björk ballad record or a Trent Reznor hip hop record or another pop album, [but] I definitely want to start the second one now.”

More importantly though, she revealed a little about the sound of her currently-untitled debut LP. “My single at the moment, “You’re the One,” is a really accurate representation of what the record is like as a whole,” she said. “That song is divided into a dark, midnight sounding bass and heavenly, rapture of gold glitter. My record is a blend of both with midnight beats and amazing melodies.”

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