Five Hard-Rock and Metal Albums to Kickstart Your Summer

Photo courtesy of Serj Tankian/Facebook

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Maybe the hot weather reminds bands of sweaty mosh pits or maybe it’s just the fact that the summer swelter is the closest thing to feeling like you’re in Hell, but many metal bands wait to release their best riffs until you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Since we’re facing a deluge of releases coming from all the heavy subgenres this year, we’ve collected together the most anticipated hard-rock and metal albums coming out that we hope will get your head banging. That is, if you’re able to move it away from your fan.

1. Baroness, Yellow & Green

Three years after releasing the critically acclaimed sludge-metal album Blue Record, the Georgia-born quartet is flipping the script. Full-on singing has replaced screaming, intricate guitar textures are given equal time to shit-kicking riffs and there are more than a few pop melodies on the double-album Yellow & Green. Color us impressed with the way the group takes risks. Due out July 17 on Relapse Records.

Stream “March to the Sea”:

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