Del the Funky Homosapien Sheds Details on the New Deltron 3030 Album

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Earlier this year we caught up with Dan the Automator about the Deltron 3030 Dogfish Head beer "Positive Contact," a brew that blends Fuji apples and cayenne pepper. He also shed a few details on the new Deltron 3030 album and recently revealed that the record is due out this September. But as unabashed Deltron fans, we wanted to hear more. Hive checked in with the rapping half of the Deltron universe, Del, and asked him about the long-awaited second Deltron album and his own personal review of "Positive Contact," the beer.

What's the status of the second Deltron album? Is it finished?

Yeah, it's finished.

Can you give us a preview of what it sounds like?

I don't want to say too much because people's expectations are already unobtainable, so I'll say expect what you're not gonna expect. They're probably expecting the world and they're not gonna get that. One thing I'll say is it's not too much of a deviation from the first one, but I will say I put way more information and way more substance into this one. With the first one, we was kinda playing around, it like more of a hobby to me, and I didn't really expect it to go as far as it did. But this time, now that people are paying attention, I didn't want to play around so I thought let me add a little more substance. So I worked a little more harder on the lyrical side. And I know Dan went a little harder on the production, like adding little intricate things and subtle touches to the music. I might be telling about one subject and [the music will] go up a little. After you listen to it for a while, it's sort of subliminal, but those little touches separate it from the pack.

Does the story follow on from the first Deltron album?

Sort of. It's sort of like a cyber-punk, sci-fi vibe -- there's that type of undercurrent to it. But the story itself is different from the first one, if the first one even had a story really. This one's more about, okay, everybody's destroyed everything, they went too far, they shouldn't have went that far. So society is not really controlled by the government -- it's controlled by whatever thugs are in that area. It's pretty much chaos and everyone is going for whatever they know. I run around with a band of like merry pranksters and we're just trying to survive but we're kinda on the good side, too: If we see somebody messing around with someone we might try to help them. That's pretty much how we spend our days. That's a general overview of what's happening.

Can you tell us any of the special guests featured on it?

You'll have to ask Dan about that 'cause once I do my lyrics I got other stuff to do! I'm not going to let the cat out the bag.

On to more pressing matters: Have you tried the Deltron beer? What does it taste like?

Ah, nah, I don't drink! It doesn't matter to me what it tastes like! I mean, if it gets somebody to notice this record it's done is job. I just want people to get a chance to hear it and I think the music will do whatever.

So you weren't involved in the process of making the beer?

That's something that Dan hooked up. He ran it by me; I was cool with it. I've seen products like that before. Tajai [from Souls of Mischief] had a beer -- he actually made the beer. He actually brewed the beer himself! And 3rd Bass! I think I still got that 3rd Bass beer! It was a real beer from a real company, like Becks made it or something. It was a promotional item, but it was the real deal. I never drank mine, I saved it.

Which song on the Deltron album would you say is best to listen to while drinking a beer?

It depends on why you're drinking the beer. When I was drinking alcohol, it wasn't to listen to no music -- I would mostly be socializing and it's just whatever is playing in the background. You can probably listen to whatever after you drink from a six pack -- it doesn't matter what's playing!

Del the Funky Homosapien's new album with Parallel Thought, Attractive Sin, is out now.