The Old Ceremony Want to Let Go With "Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide"

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“It does seem kind of like a downer as a title,” the Old Ceremony vocalist-guitarist Django Haskins says of naming the rock group’s new album Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide. “The overall upshot, lyrically, though, is a positive one.” The record, he explains, shares many themes with the song of the same name. Specifically, the track is meant to encourage listeners to let go of not only the childhood fairytales they grew up with but “fairytales about love, life, death and everything else,” according to the singer.

“I grew up in a family that was built on family mythology, kind of like that movie Big Fish,” he explains. “There gets to be a point where you just want to know what’s really going on so that you don’t keep comparing yourself to a notion that didn’t actually ever exist.” Then he adds, “I’m getting married two months after the album comes out. It was already done by the time I proposed, but getting to know the wedding industrial complex really brings out a lot of those themes in a lot of very extreme ways," he says with a laugh.

As heady as all of this is, it makes for an ornate song, built from expertly textured baritone guitars, violin and percussion, teetering between tension and release. And in defense of the song’s seemingly dark subject matter, Haskins does end it by assuredly singing, “It’s all right!”

“I think it’s a good end-of-summer record,” he says. “It’s not just an endless-summer record, to quote my friend Brian Wilson. It’s a great record for changing seasons, coming out of the summer haze.”

The Old Ceremony’s new album, Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide, arrives August 21 on Yep Roc Records. Stream the title track here: