‘Saved by the Bell’ and Hip Hop: A Primer

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“I see we got motherfuckin’ Mr. Belding in the house!”

And with those words rapper Action Bronson solidified his place in the cult-TV Hall of Fame this past weekend. Actor Dennis Haskins, who held down principal duties at Bayside High during every incarnation of Saved by the Bell,  introduced Bronson on stage at Los Angeles club the Roxy. (It looked like this.) But this is hardly the first time rap has mingled with the Bayside Crew. History points to these five ways where hip-hop mingled with Saved by the Bell and vice-versa. Let’s review.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Here the gang raps through a version of Snow White live on the school stage. “Me and Snow White was nothing but hype/ Oh, I like her alright but see she’s not my type,” spits Zack while A.C. Slater proves his rap rep by wearing his baseball cap backwards. (See also: 1-900-CRUSHED, with a bizarro rapped dream sequence.)

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