Sigur Rós Recruit Shia LaBeouf for "Fjögur píanó" Video

For their latest album Valtari, Icelandic experimental-rock group Sigur Rós recruited a handful of independent filmmakers to make videos for each song on the record. Directors were offered a modest budget, but complete creative control over their work. In the new video for the somber piano instrumental "Fjögur píanó," Alma Har’el (Bombay Beach, Beirut's "Elephant Gun") follows a sorrowful Shia LaBeouf and a female companion as they dance, marvel at their butterfly collection, consume a few drug-laced lollipops and ultimately, fall down into a pit of despair. It's a sad and beautiful visual that brings to life one of the few tunes in the Sigur Rós catalog that's absent of Jonsi's now-trademark siren vocals.

Valtari is out now on XL Recordings.