Five Alt-Country Albums for a Twangy Summer

The Waco Brothers. Photo courtesy of Bloodshot Records

Let’s face it, spending the whole summer hopping up and down to dubstep like a jackrabbit raised in Skrillex’s back yard is bound to get old at some point. Right? If you’re planning to get through the season in style, you’ll want to have some earthy Americana on your side to see you through the sweaty, sticky weeks and months to come. That’s why we’ve reached into our bag of tricks for some recent and upcoming alt-country albums to add that crucial touch of twang to your June, July, and August action.

1. The Waco Brothers/Paul Burch, Great Chicago Fire

Containing a couple of Mekons and a few other equally estimable upstarts, the Waco Brothers are old hands at punking up their twang, or is it twanging up their punk? With songsmith Paul Burch joining in, an extra layer is added to their “insurgent country” rave-ups. Out now on Bloodshot Records.

Stream “Great Chicago Fire”:

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