Lady Tragik Explains the Grimes/Kreayshawn L$D Project

“Don’t Smoke My Blunts, Bitch" debuted yesterday on YouTube. It's a curious song from L$D, a group made up of Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds and Lady Tragik. In true punk fashion, "Bitch" was recorded this past Friday in just ten minutes, with the video shot on Saturday at a Los Angeles thrift store in only an hour. So how’d “Don’t Smoke My Blunts, Bitch” come to be? And can we expect more vocal trips from them soon?

“It was really organic -- we’re all friends,” Lady Tragik tells Hive. “Claire [Grimes] just moved out here to L.A., just temporarily, and me and Kreay went over to her house, and we were just hanging out. We were joking about how there are no punk girl bands right now, and then all the sudden, Claire disappeared for like two seconds. We turn back and she’s at the computer already making a beat, and she’s like, ‘All right, let’s do it! Let’s make a band!’”

Kreayshawn, Tragik, and Blood Diamonds traded improvised verses, and the song was finished. “Literally, it was done in like ten minutes,” Tragik says. “And we liked it. The next day, we were all hanging out, going to thrift stores and we ended up at my friend’s spot, Freak City, and he gave us hella clothes, so we were like, ‘Let’s just make a video.’ In another hour, we had the video, and I put it up the next day.”

Given the hasty, organic nature of “Don’t Smoke My Blunts, Bitch,” it’s fair to wonder if L$D was a one-time gag or something the ladies might revisit down the line. Tragik doesn’t really know, either. “Maybe.” she says. “I’m sure everyone’s up to it, but right now Grimes is working on trying to get a music video pumped out here, and I don’t know what her situation is like staying in L.A. She literally just got here maybe like a week ago. Me and Kreay might be going to Europe in like a week to tour out there. If it happens again, it’ll be more [on] an organic tip -- we’re all just hanging out again and it just happens, not like we’ll find a time and a place and a studio. I don’t think it’d happen like that.”