Flatbush Zombies Answer Burning Questions About the Zombie Apocalypse

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The zombie apocalypse is here! Grown adults are getting high off bath salts and chowing down on human faces in Miami, cop cars in Louisiana, a guy ate another guy's heart and brain in Maryland, and a mysterious zombie-like occurrence happened this week in Brazil. So with this outbreak of flesh-feasting sure to spread across the nation, we dragged the Flatbush Zombies away from recording their debut mixtape, D.R.U.G.S., and forced Meechy Darko, Eric Arc Elliott and Juice to answer some pressing questions on surviving the undead onslaught. After all, they did just record a delightful zombie-apocalypse ode entitled "Face Off." You can thank us in the afterlife.

1. Should we be for or against a full-on zombie apocalypse?

Meechy Darko: "Hell no! No zombie apocalypse. I don't want to see no people die over no disease. I love my people."

Eric Arc Elliot: "The Flatbush Zombies are not in favor of a zombie apocalypse."

2. What's the best weapon to fight a zombie with?

Eric Arc Elliot: "A machete that I could catapult around my head like a helicopter, so like a propellor. I know that's a little elaborate."

Meechy Darko: "I'd make do with my bare hands, and go for the head."

Juice: "I'd want something that you can burn them on fire with."

3. Are the drug bath salts to blame for the recent zombie attacks?

Meechy Darko: "I think it's just something they said was making people do it to make it like that. No that shit is not behind it. I don't even know what that shit is."

4. Is the zombie apocalypse a regional thing relegated to the south?

Juice: "Nah, in Dutchtown (New York) they've been doing stuff for years, like taking people's heads off and experimenting and all of that. So no, it's not regional, it's been going on all over the place."

5. Who would make the best celebrity zombie?

Meechy Darko: "Larry David, I'd say, the creator of Seinfeld."

Juice: "Hugh Hefner, the first white pimp."

Eric Arc Elliot: "I'd say us, the Flatbush Zombies."

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