Five Videos of Fiona Apple Being Awesome

Photo: Simon Ritter/Redferns

Fiona Apple first found her way to the center of our attention when she was still just a teenager. Her 1996 debut, Tidal, came out at a time when outspoken female singer/songwriters like Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos were hitting their stride and baring their souls to the world in song, but from the beginning, Apple’s always been an entity unto herself — darker, more intense, and more iconoclastic than most of her peers. With her fourth album, The Idler Wheel — her first in seven years – getting set to greet the world on June 19, you might to bone up on Apple’s backstory by looking over a handful of clips from across the years that find Fiona doing what she does best — being Fiona.

1. Little Fiona Finds Her Sound

Those who considered Apple to be a prodigy for releasing her multi-Platinum debut album at the tender age of 18 haven’t seen anything until they’ve gotten a gander at a grade-school Fiona at the keyboard, playing her first-ever composition. Wonder if she was too young to copyright it …

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