POP ETC Do Not Believe in Guilty Pleasures

Photo: Michael Lavine

When the Morning Benders discovered that their name translated to a derogatory term for homosexuals in other parts of the world, the Berkeley, CA natives made the decision to drop it from their group as well as overhaul their sound. Now known as POP ETC, the three-piece have stepped away from the strummy, lo-fi rock that distinguished their sophomore release Big Echo and taken a renewed interest in the FM hits they grew up loving. Boyz II Men, Tricky, and, more recently, The-Dream are among the benchmarks of their upcoming self-titled album, which received production assistance from pop veterans Danger Mouse, Andrew Dawson, and 88-keys. Even though they’ve undergone a sonic makeover, their penchant for sturdy melodies and stacked textures remains their signature. Hive caught up with frontman Christopher Chu to talk about their new name and sound, why their interpretation of R&B transcends any trend, and how they’re hoping to champion a genuine appreciation for pop music in the indie community.

POP ETC is out June 12 on Rough Trade. Stream the entire album below:

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