Five Rap Videos That Feature Pool Parties

Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings

When it comes to hosting pool parties, rappers are like kings in swimwear. Dr. Dre and Eazy-E once infamously held a pool-side bash that soon descended into a naked free-for-all, while more recently P. Diddy ruffled PETA's feathers by hiring some real life penguins to float around in a pool. So in the name of water-based excess, here are five fancy and flamboyant rap videos devoted to the art of the pool party. Break out the suntan lotion and watch.

1. Naughty by Nature, "Perfect Party"

Treach, Kay Gee and Vinnie are masters at crafting good-time hip-hop anthems, and last year's ode to holding the ultimate bash was accompanied by an obligatory pool-based video. Unnervingly though, the over-saturated footage makes it look like Treach may have deposited something unruly into the pool...

2. Birdman feat. P. Diddy, "Do That"

Don't believe that P. Diddy is the greatest ever living individual to ride a jet-ski around a backyard swimming pool? Skip to the 2:10 mark for indisputable proof.

3. Mac Miller, "Don't Mind If I Do"

Proving that the good times just don't never stop for preppy privileged white rappers, Mac Miller's day of hedonism culminates with a pool party that -- wait for it -- goes on all night! Dre and Eazy are probably still jealous.

4. The Notorious B.I.G., "Juicy"

Spike Jonze's treatment for the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Sky's The Limit" video is well known for its palatial pool-side scenes, but Big's original break-through song showcases the more joyous swim-wear soiree. Naturally, professional pool-party player P. Diddy can't avoid getting in on the shindig.

5. Lakutis, "Pool Party"

Das Racist pal Lakutis's "Pool Party" flick is very important in the grand pantheon of rap pool party videos because it demonstrates that not every pool party is an inherently happy pool party by nature. A lonely Lakutis expertly demonstrates this point by deciding to lounge at the side of the pool while getting high. Cue existential ponderings.