Jack White's Third Man Records Has Sold Over 600,000 Pieces of Vinyl

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It's no secret that Jack White's got a lot of passion and respect for vinyl -- that was motivation enough to start his own Nashville-based label, Third Man Records, in 2001. Back then records were for record geeks, DJs and music history buffs. But how successful have his vinyl releases become? Quite.

"They're massively selling for vinyl," White tells Matt Pinfield. "We have sold 600,000 pieces of vinyl since we opened three years ago. That's a lot of vinyl. The new singles, the 7 inches of my new singles from Blunderbuss -- over 12,000 copies a piece so far, in the first month. The first White Stripes single, it took us two years to sell 1,000 copies."

White discusses a bevy of other topics in this edition of "The Hivecast," including the decision to cover "Jolene" with the White Stripes, why he's taking two different bands out on the Blunderbuss tour and the joys of forbidden Black Sabbath albums. Parents, want to make sure your kids become obsessed with vinyl records? Tell your children that they're off-limits. [Download and subscribe via iTunes.]

The Hivecast With Matt Pinfield: Jack White