Warren G's Guide to Throwing a G-Funk BBQ

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When it comes to summer, there ain't nothing like a G-funk soundtrack to guide you through the long and lazy days. So as Memorial Day approaches this weekend and the weather starting to take a turn towards the scorching, we persuaded living hip-hop legend/grill master Warren G to give up his west coast expertise on hosting the ultimate G-Funk barbecue. Take notes and implement, pronto!

1. A Smokin' Soundtrack

You need a smooth record to set off your BBQ. "Regulate" and "Indo Smoke" are ones that always work; "Regulate" is just a great record with a nice story to it that you can relate to and really get into. People relate to what it's talking about so that's cool -- that's how classics are made!

2. The G-Funk Brew

Warren G's signature G-Funk drink would be to mix up Ciroc vodka with pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

3. Do Not Skimp on the Meat

If I'm behind the grill, I'll smoke a brisket and then I'll cook some baby-back ribs and some beef ribs and some chicken and some chicken drumsticks and some good hot-legs. Man, you got to go in on the grill!

4. The Dress Code

The classic G-Funk look is Levi 501 jeans and a white Polo club with some New Balance sneakers or some Chuck Taylors or Adidas. For the girls, it's some board shorts and a tank top and some stilettos!

5. Blaze It Up

I won't lie, you got to smoke something. You can smoke anything -- but do it big!

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