GoogaMooga Festival Serves Horse Bologna and Hall and Oates

[caption id="attachment_40388" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Anthony Bourdain gives a talk at The Great GoogaMooga Festival. Photo: Ben Lozovsky"]Anthony Bourdain[/caption]

Check out photos and a recap of Saturday’s GoogaMooga Festival.

After a rocky start on day one, day two of the Great GoogaMooga Festival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park saw the epic lines recede and the orgy of organic, sustainable wine begin to flow a bit smoother. Full cows and Bluefin tunas were dismembered for education and amusement, in case you needed to know how to butcher or make your own sushi. The soulful crooning from Charles Bradley and Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz & The Tantrums paired well with the Ricotta Tarts and Horse Bologna Foie Gras Grilled cheeses (M. Wells’ delicacy definitely won the strangest/most horrific sounding food option), even if the music wasn’t always as adventurous as the grub. The colorful garage punk of Peelander-Z and the cool disco explosion of New York group Escort offered a bit more edge to the kind of groove-centric, good vibes lineup you might expect on a lovely Sunday in the park, though. And if you weren’t a vegetarian or vegan, then you could always challenge yourself to a rib or pork slider eating contest if the music was too tame.

Still, Daryl Hall and John Oates, the kings of luxuriously decedent yet precisely crafted pop (and thus the possible inspirations for molecular gastronomy) seemed unstoppable throughout a three-encore headlining performance. Expanded versions of “Family Man” and “I Can’t Go for That” were fierce, guitars and saxes blazing in the slickest way possibly. By the time the final medley of hits that included “Kiss On my List” and “Private Eyes” was done, the legendary due has riled up a crowd full of food coma victims into a dancing frenzy. The Big Gay Ice Cream Disco party was a final treat for the Extra Mooga VIP audience. After that kind of dance work out, all those calories in the crunchy ice cream cookie sandwiches didn’t seem to matter any more.