The Many Moods of Mick Jagger's 'SNL' Gig: A GIF Appreciation

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Thanks to Mick Jagger and a bevy of guests, SNL finished its 37th season this weekend with one of its most entertaining outings of the year. The Rolling Stones frontman was wonderfully charismatic and goofy, and listening to him try to maintain an American accent is pretty much our new favorite thing. And if that weren't enough, the wiry old Brit gave us three reminders that he can still rock out. His performances of "The Last Time" with Arcade Fire and a medley of "19th Nervous Breakdown/It's Only Rock n' Roll" with Foo Fighters served as some of the season's best. Later in the show we got the throwback blues ditty "Tea Party" with Jeff Beck, a head-scratching but enjoyable song Jagger wrote about the upcoming election. While that song has an expiration date, Jagger proved last night that he is immortal. If he dies, it'll be on stage -- and as SNL proved, he still has a lot of life in him -- check out these five GIFs we made that exemplify the range Jagger has these days.

1. Ranting about Ruby Tuesday (the restaurant)

2. As Steven Tyler hawking chicken tenders

3. Rocking with Foo Fighters

4. Stoically smug Californian

5. Annoyed businessman