D-V3KZ Spins Trap Gems and Latin Dutch for Moombah+

[caption id="attachment_39850" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo: Colour Visionz"]D-V3KZ[/caption]

In the wide world of the Internet, many music trends, like dubstep or Kreayshawn, are overwhelming and unavoidable. But in smaller pockets of the blogosphere and Soundcloud community, micro-music scenes bubble up on a much smaller scale. A perfect example is the current revival of Southern trap music via electronic-oriented producers. Like dubstep, trap is a 140 BPM concoction of bass and snares with those signature bellowing, trunk-busting bass kicks instead of synths.

California-based DJ and producer D-V3KZ, who recently spun a live mix on Moombah+ radio, is very aware of traps existing tradition and recent development. “Trap music has been around for the longest [time], with Lex Luger, Waka Flocka, Gucci Man, and T.I. just to name a few,” he tells Hive. “[But] trap has evolved, yes, thanks to artists like Flosstradamus, Baauer, and Ghost. People are so into it because this new trap has the O.G. stems with the influence of electronic dance music and it gets the people going.” Before diving into a Latin and Dutch-house leaning moombahton set, D-V3KZ opens his mix on Moombah+ with seven of these nu-trap gems, including Baauer’s disruptive “Harlem Shake” and Flosstradamus’ dauntingly sexy “Hood Fantasy.” Although cross-pollination among producers has already spawned a trap-tinged strain of moombahton, D-V3KZ prefers his 110 BPM tracks Latin flavored. “From moombahton we get ‘core, ‘soul and nowadays people make it with trap, kuduro, [but] I like to keep it Latin on all my moombah tracks,” he says. “Not that I’m against the ones that I just stated, I just think moombahton was supposed to be Latin.”

Stream D-V3KZ's mix on Moombah+ below.

D-V3KZ Live @ Moombah+ Radio 05-13-2012 by D-V3kz on Mixcloud