38 Years of Garbage: Tracing Their Exploited, Spooner and Nirvana Ties

Photo: Maryanne Bilham Photography/Redfern

Back in 2005, Garbage¬†cancelled the final leg of their Bleed Like Me tour and announced that they were ‚Ķ not breaking up, exactly, but taking a break. “The hiatus may last two weeks, it may last two years,” Shirley Manson said at the time. It lasted a bit longer: Aside from one new song on 2007’s retrospective Absolute Garbage and a single show that year, they’ve stayed out of sight until Not Your Kind of People, released this week, and a world tour that started a few weeks ago. They’ll play in NYC next week, for the first time in over seven years (it’ll be livestreamed here on Hive as well). Here’s their new single “Blood for Poppies”:

Though Garbage formed in 1994, their earliest roots stretch back nearly forty years. In 1974, the band’s multi-instrumentalist Duke Erikson, then known as Doug Erickson, started a drummerless band called Spooner. By the late ’70s, they’d added drummer Butch Vig. They released a power-pop EP called Cruel School in 1979, and a single called “Where You Gonna Run” the next year.

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