Sage Francis and B. Dolan Become Epic Beard Men in "2Bad"

The first video and second single from B. Dolan's upcoming album House of Bees Vol. 2, titled "2Bad," finds Strange Famous heavy hitters Dolan and Sage Francis teamed up as the self-proclaimed Epic Beard Men. Directed by Mason Johnson, the same brain behind the politically-tinged posse cut “Film the Police," "2Bad" is equal parts violent and enlightening. "This video imagines being able to sit all the people you've had to cut off, severe ties with, outlast or outsmart in the same classroom, [and] give them one last book report on why they’re no longer relevant to you or anyone,” B. Dolan explains to Hive. “And then smash their blank plastic faces with a baseball bat until the VHS tape pops and you wake up.”

The satisfaction of outlasting naysayers is simple enough, but there are more complicated concepts at play, too. Specifically, the idea of “paying dues” is brought up in both “Still Here,” the first single from the album, and “2Bad,” albeit in very different ways; the former grapples with internal conflict and self-questioning, the latter with external absurdity. "'Paying dues' is one of those funny things that everyone says they’ve done, and you’re supposed to take them at their word,” B. Dolan adds. "Everyone thinks their dues are paid up because everyone imagines themselves to be the protagonist of their personal movie… In reality, though, you can tell the cats that have put in the work to master their craft versus those that are riding the momentary wave of attention."

With a low quota for nonsense but a supreme sense of gratefulness, B. Dolan keeps the MF Doom quote from "Still Here" in mind as he moves forward. “Even dope artists should expect to ‘pay dues forever,’ [and] the moment you start taking your spot for granted is the moment you lose it." Dolan describes House of Bees Vol. 2 as mature, direct, unapologetic and unrestricted, “the opposite of swag.” “The Epic Beard Man viral video teaches us two very important lessons. The first is that people who look like grumpy senior citizens will occasionally hop up and kick the living shit out of you in public. The second is that when people proclaim themselves to be motherfuckers you should always take them at their word,” B. Dolan resolves. “Sage Francis and B. Dolan are both motherfuckers of the highest order. Watching us rock a live show is like watching a homeless old man turn into a human tornado and destroy everything in sight. Call the Amber Lamps.”

Pre-order physical and digital copies of House of Bees Vol. 2, due June 12th, and download the first single "Still Here" for free at the Strange Famous Records official site.