Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q Grind for 'In My Room'

With Yours Truly on deck to capture it all, the Black Hippy movement took over the MTV Hive House in Austin for the latest installment of In My Room. Above, watch Kendrick Lamar perform “Hol’ Up” and “A.D.H.D.” in front of a retrofitted moose print background, surrounded by a handful of his most fervent fans. Later in the session, Lamar plays hype man for accomplice ScHoolboy Q. Performing “Hands on the Wheel” from his breakout album Habits & Contradictions, ScHoolboy stirs the small crowd into a frenzy of waving hands and bobbing heads. Both rappers have outgrown performing in these tiny spaces, but they always appreciate the opportunity to connect with fans personally. “You got to make them believers one by one, because when you go to the show, that’s when you really connect … at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about,” Lamar explains to Hive. ScHoolboy agrees. “If you don’t go through having a show where nine, ten people show up, you ain’t gone all the way through the grind.”