Mick Jagger, Comedian

[caption id="attachment_37416" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Rolling Stones singer/future 'SNL' Host Mick Jagger seen here smiling in Vienna, Austria, 1973. Photo: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images"]Mick Jagger, 1973, Austria[/caption]

Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings

As was announced yesterday, the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger will host and serve as the musical guest on the season finale episode of Saturday Night Live. Can Mick cut the humorous mustard? Get to know Mick the comedian with these five classic Jagger clips.

1.Mick as Keith!

Showing his mettle for the comedy scene, a prior S.N.L. appearance has Mick teaming up with Mike Myers. Mick spoofs Keith Richards while Mike plays Mick!

2. Mick on Drugs!

In which Mick and Larry King talk about how the perils of the world-wide war on drugs could be solved by legalizing everything -- and try their very hardest not to break out into a smirk.

3. Mick Does Brazil!

A feature-length film written by Jagger himself, Running Out of Luck features Mick going to Brazil and stumbling around a desert-style backdrop while Jerry Hall plays herself. Also includes Mick frolicking at a banana plantation! Jagger + bananas = gold.

4. Mick the Host!

Live from the 2009 British BAFTA Awards, Mick opens his presenting slot with a quip about Sir Ben Kingsley singing "Brown Sugar" at the Grammys and speculates on Amy Winehouse being in the studio with Anthony Hopkins. British comedy!

5. Mick the Greatest Dancer!

The Internet loves to label clips of Mick's bendy bow-legged dancing as "funny." This one features some wag setting Mick's moves to the Benny Hill theme song.