Tom Morello and Activists Lead Guitarmy in New York

Maybe you saw the flyers, wheatpaste posters or graffiti leading up to yesterday's May Day protest in your city. Even if you didn't, it'd be hard to ignore the thousands of marches, demonstrations and walk-outs that took place across the world on May 1. In New York City the events included the "Occupy Guitarmy," a call for 10,000 guitarists to assemble and play songs from the activist canon like "This Land Is Your Land" and "El Pueblo Unido." Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and the Nightwatchmen (their track "Word Wide Rebel Songs" was on the Guitarmy setlist) flew in to New York to join the musicians. Though they weren't able to gather the 10,000 guitarists they wanted -- Douglas Wolk notes the inherent difficulties of putting together that many players -- the Guitarmy, lead by Morello, enthusiastically marched from Bryant Park to Union Square. Later, Dan Deacon, Das Racist, MEN and Immortal Technique played for the protesters until their mics were shut off, or until the NYPD's infamous Hipster Cop yelled at them. Hive photographer Rebecca Smeyne joined the protesters for the march from Bryant Park. Check out her photos below.