Kool Keith's All-Star Hologram Fantasies

The broadcast of hologram Tupac at Coachella is one of the most talked about music stories of 2012 (so far, at least). It's incited endless banter on Twitter and in real life about who should be beamed-in next (plus there was that parody lineup of Coachella 2013's exclusively hologram lineup that we wish was real). Kool Keith, a hip-hop contemporary of Tupac, couldn't help but get in on the action too. On Twitter last week, the pioneer of weirdo rap revealed his all-star hologram lineup would include an old-school porn star, two legendary singers and a political icon. We would pay good hologram money to see this:

KoolKeith, Twitter

Dustin Glick is a writer, cartoonist and music nerd whose comics can be found at Dustinland.com and in MAD Magazine.