Rap Videos For Foodies

Fat Boys with DJ Tim Westwood at Pizza Express, Kensington, London, UK on 10th April 1985. Photo: David Corio/Redferns

Last week, the clothing brand LRG dropped a video mini-mix which stitched together snappy hip-hop food references with stop-motion visuals of foodstuffs rapping along. It’s funky and fun! That flick got our stomachs grumbling for some more food homages played out in video form — here’s five of our favorite.

1. Edan, “Beautiful Food”

“Look at all this beautiful food!” exclaims rapper Edan, before going on to basically read out his fantasy shopping list over a quirky beat. The fan-made video — which is described as “one of them there still picture video thingamajigs” — matches pictures to the lyrics, including the mighty healthy option of “celery sticks with various dips/ Can somebody please pass the vinaigrette?”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.