Rap Videos For Foodies

[caption id="attachment_35734" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Fat Boys with DJ Tim Westwood at Pizza Express, Kensington, London, UK on 10th April 1985. Photo: David Corio/Redferns"]Fat Boys with DJ Tim Westwood at Pizza Express, Kensington, London, UK on 10th April 1985[/caption]

Last week, the clothing brand LRG dropped a video mini-mix which stitched together snappy hip-hop food references with stop-motion visuals of foodstuffs rapping along. It's funky and fun! That flick got our stomachs grumbling for some more food homages played out in video form -- here's five of our favorite.

1. Edan, "Beautiful Food"

"Look at all this beautiful food!" exclaims rapper Edan, before going on to basically read out his fantasy shopping list over a quirky beat. The fan-made video -- which is described as "one of them there still picture video thingamajigs" -- matches pictures to the lyrics, including the mighty healthy option of "celery sticks with various dips/ Can somebody please pass the vinaigrette?"

2. The Fat Boys, "All You Can Eat"

Prissy chowhounds might feel the need to trek out to the wilds of Midwood to indulge in a slice of Di Fara's legendary pizza, but '80s  rap troupe the Fat Boys prefered to get their cheese and carb kicks at a Sbarro's just off 49th Street in Manhattan. Seduced by the $3.99 for all you can eat deal, the song's ensuing video shows the boys tucking into their own personal pizza party.

3. De La Soul, "Say I Gotta Believe"

Possibly not at all inspired by their "Bitties in the B.K. Lounge" song,  for their collaboration with Japanese video game character PaRappa the Rapper, Plugs One, Two and Three dressed up in chef's garb to serve up burgers. Pos's all-important dietary warning: PaRappa "don't like noodles."

4. Action Bronson, "Shiraz"

Scene One: The chef-rapper Action Bronson enters a food store on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and engages in banter with the old Italian store owner before departing with some prosciutto and olives. Scene Two: The chef-rapper Action Bronson hits up a nearby park to share his food with some local, ahem, "characters." Quite clearly the greatest rap video of 2010 ever.

5. Goodie Mob, "Soul Food"

In which Cee-Lo and his on-and-off-again bandmates take over a local soul food spot to serve up plates of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and collard greens. For extra visual kicks, check out the 12-inch vinyl cover which features - yup! - even more southern sustenance!