Record Store Day 2012 Stream Roundup

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If you're not the sort of vinyl junkie who can justify dropping wads of cash on the limited-edition Record Store Day exclusives when you'd rather just listen to things on your iPhone anyway -- or if you prefer to sleep in on your Saturday mornings -- you can still listen to the best of last weekend's releases online. Here's where to find them:

St. Vincent, “Krokodil”/"Grot"

All we’ve needed is this sort of punky, high-energy burst of rock and roll whatever from St. Vincent, and now we finally have it. [Via DIY]

Animal Collective, “Transverse Temporal Gyros”

Those who don’t mind jumping through a few hoops can grab Animal Collective’s multimedia performance from the Guggenheim – released on Saturday as a 12” – via an official torrent from the band’s website. [Via My Animal Home]

Mastodon, “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton”

The potential of Mastodon covering the Flaming Lips seemed limitless, especially if they gave it the same treatment they gave Feist’s “A Commotion” and made it their own. Instead, they decided to just karaoke the Flaming Lips, which maybe just reveals how great that band is --  even Mastodon wants to be them. [Via Stereogum]

Beach House, "Equal Mind"

This Bloom b-side was released on the "Lazuli" 7". [Via My Blog Cliche]

Sigur Ros, "Kvistur"

Speaking of b-sides, here's a new tune from Sigur Ros, the flip to the "Ekki Múkk" single. [Via YouTube]

The Flaming Lips, “The First Time That I Ever Saw Your Face”

Songs from the Flaming Lips collaborative epic Heady Fwends are all over the Internet now. Have a listen to their spacey, 10-minute collaboration with Erykah Badu for starters. [Via YouTube]

Dirty Projectors, "You Against the Larger World"

Dave Longstreth and co. share a demo from the Swing Low Magellan sessions. [Via Pitchfork]

The Uncluded, "Bats"

Aesop Rock + Kimya Dawson = Juno hip-hop. [Via YouTube]

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., “Like A Prayer”

Madonna’s original is already pretty haunting, but in the hands of the Motor City rockers, “Like A Prayer” gets the reverb-heavy, stuttering drums remake that it’s always cried out for. [Via I Don't Like Your Tunes]

Little Boots, "Every Night I Say a Prayer"

Speaking of prayers, U.K. electro-pop artist Little Boots returns with a Record Store Day preview of her forthcoming album. [Via Consequence of Sound]

Lana Del Rey, “Born to Die” (Damon Albarn Remix)

The zillionth remix of “Born to Die,” this time by the Gorillaz leader, is actually pretty effective at being both eminently listenable and preserving the things that make the LDR original a guilty pleasure. [Via YouTube]

Grouplove, “Don’t Fly To Close To The Sun”

The lo-fi YouTube video, featuring the owner of the record dropping the single on his Crossley, is almost as charming as the song itself, which is a breezy, beachy singalong about how you’re not going to succeed at anything. Or something. [Via YouTube]