David Lynch Hangs Out With Hummingbirds

Director/musician David Lynch's imagination is quite vivid and surreal. Take the video for "Crazy Clown Time" for just one recent example. Dudes freak out, tons of things are set on fire, and people spit booze on each other throughout. (Of course, you can take Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and pretty much any piece of his filmography for proof as well.)  Last week on Twitter, Lynch revealed that he's hanging around a bunch of new feathered friends. At first it sounds surprisingly normal and suburban. Until Hive tried to picture what Lynch was picturing. See below:

David Lynch Loves Hummingbirds

Dustin Glick is a writer, cartoonist and music nerd whose comics can be found at Dustinland.com and in MAD Magazine.