The Black Keys and Anthony Bourdain Break Bread Over Meat

As we noted in December, all around badass chef Anthony Bourdain loves rock and roll and talking about fucked-up things. On the next episode of his wildly popular series Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Bourdain heads to Kansas City, Kansas to sit down at Schloegel's Woodyard Bar-B-Que with Dan and Patrick from the Black Keys. You learn that both musicians worked their fair share of kitchens before they became big rock stars, with Dan going as far as saying that he's met crazier dudes in kitchens than on tour. As far as the food goes, you don't see the Keys get too critical in this teaser clip -- but Patrick does confess his love of pickles.

The full episode airs Monday, April 16 on the Travel Channel at 9PM EST. For more Black Keys, check out their performance for Hive's Live in NYC series.